Why I’m excited about my vision board for 2016

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Happy New year from Nairobi!

It’s been an exciting evening, one of those unplanned evenings that is likely to shape my year! I went into a friends house for a quick meeting, and found her with friends working on their vision boards for 2016. I’m quite a sucker for visualising dreams and working towards goals by writing them down. I’m a firm believer in the words ‘seeing is believing’, and oh! what a perfect way start to the new year!

After our quick meet on her balcony, Nakia allowed me to sit amongst her and her friends as they cut out pictures and titles from an array of magazines and wrote down their visions, hopes and dreams using words and pictures, all planning, praying and hoping for an incredible 2016. From writing about their reflections to personal purpose, to relationship goals and personal growth plans, I sat and sucked in the positive energy from these incredible women who are ready to take on the new year with a bang.

I’m excited.

2015 was a ground breaking year on so many levels for me, and when I look at my vision board for last year, I realise I did not get that Range Rover Evoque that sits pretty on my board, but the fruit didn’t fall too far from the tree. There’s a few other things that i didn’t not completely accomplish, they’re a constant reminder that I must get started. For me, seeing what I deeply wish for every morning when I’m up up and getting ready to leave the house, instills fresh passion and an absolute reboot to life, every day.

I’m looking at 2016 as the year of growth. Of finding new passions, writing books, reading, cooking, making new friends and appreciating old friends and family. I’m looking to launch Keyara Organics in a big way and also to grow as a Journalist and as a media expert. I’m looking to be great mother and friend. I’m looking to travel the world and to love, deeply, truly and stupidly.

To have incredible conversations and to laugh, and dance, like no one’s watching.

Here’s to 2016!

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  1. To accomplish all that you hope for in 2016: requires a Plan, Clarity, forward movement and good timing. Go for it girl.

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