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Keyara Organics, not just about skincare.


Keyara Organics is growing!

We now have launched a new line of body butters, body balms and hair food and are quickly taking charge in the ‘Made in Kenya’ natural personal care corner, and loving every moment!

As the founder, I’m so excited about the prospects of a brand new year and the consequent energy.

Keyara Organics is now retailing in health stores and beauty shops around Nairobi, Naivasha, Malindi, and across borders in Lusaka, London, New York and currently looking to expand to new markets.

Keyara was born out of a need and a love for organic and natural skin care products, which for us, always come with the reassurance of ‘ancient wisdom’.

We hope to make a mark on the bright spot that is the globally growing natural products market. New Hope 360, on online portal for all things Natural shows that anti-aging products, essential oils and improved packaging were key trends in the US in 2015 and expect the natural care industry to keep on that explosive growth trajectory.

A recent NEXT Forecast on the economics of natural products highlights that the industry is claiming a larger piece of the overall consumer packaged goods pie. It estimates that in the U.S., consumer sales of natural, organic and healthy products were forecasted to expand 64 percent from $153B in 2013 to $252 billion by 2019. Unfortunately, We do not have a Kenyan report on the growth of natural beauty products.

We see a steady rise in demand for our natural products and continue to formulate using the purest and most premium oils, butters and scents from across the beautiful African continent, ranging from Shea butter harvested in Nothern Uganda, Cocoa Butter from Ghana, Coconut oil from Kenya, Marula oil from South Africa, Argan oil from Morocco among many other authentic African botanicals.

However, My journey with Keyara Organics isn’t just about skincare.

I believe that it is time the world begins to see the other side of Africa. Our new stories must be deliberately visible and tangible, and I want to be part of that story.

Some of the worlds most luxurious skincare brands source their premium oils from Africa, but we, Africans, are left to only export raw materials and very rarely benefit from the opportunities in Value addition.

WE export the raw materials, THEY manufacture, and THEY SELL it back to us.

What a paradox.

I believe and live as a proud child of Africa, and my hope is that Keyara among other quality African brands will play a key role in changing the negative African narrative, one brand at a time. I’d love to see made in Africa brands on commercials in New-York and London, just as we see French and other European brands lead on market share in our regions.

The largest challenge perhaps is quality of packaging and print work for local SME’s. For us to compete effectively, we must be able to locally access or afford quality packaging from China, the world’s largest plastics manufacturer. The minimum quantities of these packages are however restrictive to small businesses, while the quality of local packaging materials is still way below international standards, thereby meaning that SME’s looking for quality packaging will have to absorb extra costs of packaging and freight, hence lowering margins and slowing down brand growth.

Worse still, import duty rates (Kenya) on plastic tubes for packing cosmetics were in the last budget (2015-2016) were increased from 10% to 25% making it an even tighter race to the top for those keen on importing quality plastics, this knowing well that the government was moving to protect local plastic manufacturers.

I’d like to challenge African plastic manufacturers to catch up quick, if we must begin to compete in a bigger space.

My challenge to African entrepreneurs is to challenge the status quo and begin to create unapologetic African brands that will compete.

My challenge to African consumers is to believe in our own quality African products, because we do have some incredible ‘Made in Africa’ brands which are formulated using Africa’s best, and topped off with the pride and luxury of Africa.

I would also like to deeply celebrate our ‘ Naturals’ community from across the continent who have been the first to believe in local Natural skin and hair care brands, with so much gusto, that some local brands have grown based on the growth of beautiful Africans who are not afraid to make their Africa shine.

Buy African today!

Keyara Organics. Africa Reborn.