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Leadership, Caroline Mutoko and why I’m happy about KTDC

I am fascinated by leadership.

I constantly ask myself what it is about leaders that make them stand out, or how they manage to be the ones charting out the path for others to follow. How do they convince others that their plan, strategy and ideas are what others should believe in, and take them up as if it were their own, with such passion and infectious energy?

When I heard that Caroline Mutoko had been appointed the chair of the Kenya Tourism Development Corporation, my leadership alert perked.

Caroline Mutoko is a leader. No doubt. We have seen her in action, on the streets, on Radio, and when recently watched her on CNN’s African voices, I wondered, how one person can garner so much leadership essentials, and how she manages to not only run a high level career, maintain a genuine patriotism for a country whose leaders she constantly contests, and still be a doting mother.

Now, Tourism is topmost in the Kenyan agenda. Ms Mutoko displays through her steel hand a constant thrust for excellence. People who have worked with her speak of her unwavering resolve in pushing boundaries. We need such leadership at government level.

I hope Ms Mutoko takes up the position.

If (when) she does, I will be among those cheering her on, hoping that her infectious vitality will be felt in the not so much known KTDC. I hope, also that she will be part of the leadership that will examine and rewrite Kenya’s tourism strategy, as we are, without a doubt still playing way below our league. I hope she will steer KTDC into the ICT century, to take advantage of the online world and to create new conversations about Kenya.

I hope Caroline will help create a visible brand out of the organisation that facilitates the growth of investment in Kenya’s tourism Industry; it is the cradle that births the millions of dollars that come in every year to our economy.

I hope Caroline will lead a team that shares in her sense for determination and tenacity as we have seen her do in other matters.

My fear though, is that this is a Public Institution, and it may swallow her the way I think it has done to MIT’s Fiery Mugo Kibati, of Vision 2030. I digress.

Nonetheless, I have learned that every organisation requires a leader that is constantly seeking sustained excellence, one who will transform it from good to great. By appointing her, the government has stamped her leadership status. I know, that these are the leaders we need to take Kenya to the next level.

I wish Caroline the very best.


A couple of weeks ago I attended Mindspeak,The Business Club a once a month Saturday morning ritual that I have become addicted to. It’s usually a great networking event, and James Murua made a good note here

Caroline Mutoko was speaking on her rise to the Queen of Radio (even if she did not say so herself.) It was an inspiring morning, one that opened up my mind to fresh ideas and new thinking, in an extremely competitive market, especially in my field of work.

She spoke about the vital role that in between semester jobs and holiday internships play in forming a diligent worker out of a person.

From a clerk in an Asian’s store she learnt to be thrifty and frugal with her monies, whereas in school she learnt theories in Math’s & economics that she applies in her every day work. But what caught me the most was her views in terms of idea generation.

If you live and work in Kenya, and happen to hang around a crowd, any crowd, there’s is often talk of new business ventures, ideas of how to go about making money, and it is amazing how much of an entrepreneurial spirit is in the Kenyan population.

We are full of ideas. A friend of mine who runs one of the most successful media houses in the country told me once of how proposals hit his desk every morning, great ideas that hold immense potential, and every other new proposal outfoxes the other.

So, how do we, as young people make any impact, if very other young person thinks just as greatly as we do?

“Give me a plan”

That’s my take out from MindSpeak that morning.

Ideas are great, but, give me a plan.

Dictionary explanation: An idea is a specific thought or concept that arises in the mind of a person as a result of thinking. It is a mental picture.

Ideas are unproven.

See, a plan means a start to finish, it embodies all aspects of a business or programme proposal, or whatever it is you seek to achieve.

For Instance, if one wants to go to war, he first has the idea, but it’s got to degenerate into tangible strategies, all rounded, researched and buffered against potential risks. And that’s exactly what differentiates a winner from a loser.

What’s your going to war strategy? What’s your competition like? What are your risks? How do you manage those risks? As we all endeavor to make richer people out of ourselves, Lets cross over the threshold of thought and begin to work towards a plan, that’s the first step.