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  1. hi Terry,
    Am a great admirer and a big fan of your work.Keep up the good work!
    Am a 3rd year student pursuing BSc. Communication & journalism at Rongo University College.Looking for a placement opportunity in mainstream media, I kindly request for your assistance.


    1. Thank you Stella, I can only say for now keep pursuing and building networks when on internships as you are still in your 3rd year. There’s too much going on currently re: digital and I doubt hiring is top of mind for the next few weeks, Follow on twitter or drop me an email when done, my ears are on the ground.

  2. am doing all that there is to put the name of my band (neothebandkenya)in everybodys mouth and not in bad way but in the music we do thus making good decisions is a must but also as my company and i work to achieve our goals we will be grateful for new advice on finicial ways thank allan neo

  3. Jambo madam Terry Ann, this is really a good site, enjoyed the stories did not know they go way back. just discovered blogging the other day and must say it gives a rush. I was wondering have you done a story about the people in the industry you went to school with? say musicians, Djs, Journalists, movie stars and other major public personalities as yourself.

  4. Hi Chebet. I am a big fan of yours. You are an icon of decency, beauty and brains in 21st century. i’ve gone through your and i think i have a solution. I’ve inboxed you on Facebook and keyara page. kindly find time and talk to me about the same.

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