Monthly Archives: August 2017

Be unforgettable

I was recently asked about the best advice I have received in my career, and truth is, like most people I have received lots of advice, both solicited and unsolicited, many of which I live up to until today, including ‘grow up’ which is perhaps (rolls eyes) the best advice any young person receives.

I must say I have been blessed to meet people that have had an amazing impact in my life. Friends, mentors, bosses, and even strangers on planes.

One of my former bosses at CNBC Africa once told me that I must strive to be Unforgettable.

In my formation years as a business journalist, he challenged me to do my work impeccably, to prepare for my interviews with diligence and razor sharp intelligence, so that I would never have to introduce myself a second time to the same person.

This, in my opinion is the best piece of advice I have ever received, has had the greatest impact in my career and in my personal life.

I live by this until today.

Be unforgettable.